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Take a look at the world
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Functionality and style
in dominating the light.

A new step for safety
and elegance.

Knowing how to choose a pvc windowA Prodise window always meets your specific needs. Find the PVC windows best suited to you in the comparison chart.

Excellent glazingThe variety of glazing available is a further guarantee of the quality of the Prodise windows

Why choose Prodise?


The undisputed quality of our fixtures is certified according to the CE norms in force.

Made in Italy

The attention to detail, the care of their products and the passion for things well done.

A cutting-edge

Innovative machinery and advanced technologies allow us to create for you a product with an excellent value for money.


The thermo-acoustic insulation guaranteed by the Prodise fixtures allows an optimal reduction of energy consumption.

Customization and energy efficiency

Maximum the choice of colours, finishes and details


A PVC colouring system that allows you to best express the aesthetic harmony of your fixtures and protect them over the years from the bad weather … (continua »)

Wood effect

The “natural” aspect for many is synonymous with elegance and classicism: with modern techniques it is possible to easily obtain a style that will never go out of style… (continua »)


Safety and style are integrated together in a detail that can make the difference in your doors and windows… (continua »)

RAL PVC colours

An external coloured layer not only gives a personality tone but provides twice the safety of the white PVC surface… (continua »)

Painted aluminium

Both in RAL colours and wood effect, colours for aluminium shutters give an extra touch of elegance… (continua »)

Climate controlAutomatic ventilation system

The independent CLIMA CONTROL system prevents the formation and proliferation of mould in the slits of the window.
With an optimal air exchange it allows a continuous base ventilation with a low energy dispersion and a high thermo-acoustic insulation.

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