How to choose a prodise pvc window?

The following illustration will help you to find quickly and in an immediate way the window which fully corresponds to all your needs.
Together with the characteristics of static and thermal insulation, you can choose your new windows also from an aesthetic point of view.

Let get the benefits of our profile system, strictly in class A and class S.

* Depending on the type of glass, PRODISE is at your disposal to advise you..
** Available only on white in paste.
.. good ..very good ....great .....excellent
Relief advantage Large, sliding and slender Large, sliding and sturdy Low prices and quality The standard for each type of environment High thermal insulation The top of the range
Your needs You want large size combined with the lightness of a sturdy and comfortable window? The TEBE profile is the right choice for your home, the slide practical and elegant.

Do you have large spaces with wide views?

The sliding ATLANTIDE 4 chamber system reflects the most appropriate choice.


Do you want a quality frame at a reasonable price ?
CARTAGINE is the system that makes this combination possible.
Do you want to save money and get all the benefits of a functional and safe frame?
The SPARTA 6 chamber system combines all the technical and aesthetic requirements for each type of environment.
Do you want thermal and sound insulation value giving to your house an original look?
We recommend the OLIMPIA 5 chamber system.
Do you want the maximum from a PVC window frame?
The system ROMA has all the features with an high insulation and acoustic performance. ROMA has also an elegant and sophisticated design.
Section Vect Sezione - TEBE Vect Sezione - ATLANTIDE Vect Sezione - CARTAGINE Vect Sezione - OLIMPIA
Type of opening sliding sliding Hinged and sliding door Hinged and sliding door Hinged and sliding door Hinged and sliding door
Depth required 74 mm 170 mm 74 mm 74 mm 74 mm 82,5 mm
Thermal insulation* .. ... .... .... ..... .....
Static ..... ..... ... .... .... .....
White PVC . . . . . .
Acrylcolor coloration: only outside . . . . .
Coloration: Wood effect / RAL . . . . . .
Triple glazing . . . . .
Design variation (glazing bead) . . . .
Aeration system: Climate Control . . . .
Intensive isolation IKD** . . . . .