The company

The ambition and the ability to give the best

Prodise S.r.l.

Prodise is an Italian company, that produce PVC or aluminium windows, shutters and doors for external.

The company exist for over 15 years in the window market and thanks to the experience gained over time and to professionalism of its workers, is able to provide a product of high quality.

Moreover, the use of advanced machinery and technologies allow obtaining a product that meets the needs of the market, while also guaranteeing an excellent value for money.

The ambition of its founder, has allowed the company to grow and be placed on a medium-high target in his sector, making possible the expansion of the brand that is still underway thanks to marketing strategies carried out in these last years.

The new company headquarters, located in the industrial area of Crispiano, Taranto, reveals the attention to design. The new production area, with commercial offices and a showroom, combines functionality and beauty design in order to offer to customers the opportunity to touch the finishing of the products.

Why choose our products


The PRODISE fixtures are made up of materials that comply with all current European regulations, in order to guarantee the certified quality of the final product to the consumer.

in Italy

An addition that separates the PRODISE brand from the competition: made in Italy, synonymous with care, style and attention to detail. Our production is made entirely in Italy, at the company’s headquarters in the south of the country, with highly qualified personnel.


The industrial factory equipped with the most modern and efficient machinery for the production of windows, together with the highly qualified staff, allow obtaining an excellent product with an excellent value for money, appreciated by the customer.


The thermal and acoustic insulation guaranteed by PRODISE windows allows an optimal reduction of energy consumption and perfect soundproofing.


The comfort inside the buildings is given by several factors:
– thermo-acoustic insulation
– brightness
– the temperature
– air quality.

By using the fixtures correctly, you can enjoy the right temperature, avoiding the formation of stale air in the rooms or problems with condensation, humidity and mould.

In addition, with a few tricks to be taken in winter or summer, it will be possible to significantly reduce energy consumption for heating or cooling, saving on bills.

With the PRODISE fixtures you will get the desired energy savings thanks to our cutting-edge production techniques, which allow us to certify our products according to the current EC regulations.