AcrycolorPVC colours system

In architecture the aesthetics is expressed through the perfect harmony of colours, shapes and materials, whether are historic buildings, modern apartments or prestigious industrial complexes.
The Coloured window frames in acryl colour have a key role in the realization of the facade, characterizing and giving them an extra mile. The coloured window frames attract the gaze and became an unmistakable business card.

The windows, as the main parts of a facade, are constantly subjected to ultraviolet rays, to weathering and bad weather, as well as to mechanical stress.

The resistance to these events and the inalterability in time, underline that not all the coloured profiles are equal.

According to fact, bringing together the basic white body in PVC and the colourful acrylic glass, that will be on the external side of the profile, you get a high resistance to atmospheric agents, such as sun, wind, rain, cold and temperature changes.

Also to any future changes of the window, you will not find any colour differences.

Certified quality

With the co-extrusion colouring method the white PVC parts and the coloured acrylic glass are fused together in a single processing step. Through the union of these two materials, an external surface of the opaque profile is obtained which resists very well to the sun, wind, rain, cold and to temperature changes. The acrylcolor profile leaves the two-colour process.

High reflectivity

The white layer under the infrared permeable acrylic glass layer reflects most of the solar radiation. This results in a very low overheating of the profiles.

The difference in temperature between standard white frames and acrylcolor frames is astoundingly small.


carAcrylcolor1 No paint


Thickness of 0.5 mm higher than any other paint layer


Scratch-resistant and resistant


Does not flake apart and does not peel off


It does not detach from the profile


Extremely easy to clean


Available only on the external side of the profile