Climate ControlVentilation system

The automatic ventilation system CLIMATE CONTROL prevents the formation of mould in the splits of the window. In the rest position, the valve is open. The air have in this way free access to the environment. In case of strong wind, the valve closes the air channel.

The Climate Control 4 has been made with the more modern version of the system: it is provided of an anti-pollen filter and of a protective grid against insects. On request, it is possible to have a silencing and protective device against the rain.

Even if the ventilation system provide for regular change of air, you cannot refuse to air rooms regularly, in fact, all the rooms must be aired occasionally.

It works independently, that is, to the higher wind speeds, the ventilation wing close the air channel to prevent air currents. When the wind dies down, the door opens by itself and the airflow will take place without hindrance.

Clima Control 3

Clima Control 4

Gecco advantages

Optimal exchange of air at regular pressure

Regulation of the ventilation flow, completely automatic and patented

No draught

Low energy release

High acoustic insulation

Cost effective

Continuous basic ventilation

High thermal insulation

Prevents the formation and growth of moulds